We own and manage our own manufacturing facility and we meticulously manage and quality control every step of the production process.  This means you are buying a product that is lovingly handcrafted in-house with care and pride and is somewhat special and exclusive.


We use only premium materials including imported German Rehau® fibre and extruded virgin aluminium.  Combine this with the world’s best woven furniture craftsmen in the Philippines and we believe you have a product that is simply world class.  And, as we are not a mass producer – our levels of quality, finishing and attention to detail are unrivaled – even by the big brands.  That simply adds up to world class quality for you.


We have a simple philosophy – that great design gives one pleasure and improves the quality of our lives through products that work well, are affordable and look beautiful.  Painstakingly developed and curated, we offer a versatile range of designs to suit most applications.  Furthermore, we offer an unprecedented choice of fibre and fabric colours – so you have the freedom and choice to customise your OHMM® furniture that is unique to you.


We know from experience, outdoor furniture has to withstand, well some very rough treatment, especially in commercial environments.  Our quality of build is second to none.  This gives you peace of mind and comfort knowing you have invested in products that will give you many years of service.


OHMM® woven products are low maintenance and easy to clean so you don’t have to worry or spend time and resources on maintenance.


We recycle all we can and our products are toxin free, but we also firmly believe the biggest sustainability factor is that our products will last years with proper care.  Surely that is a big part of what sustainability is about – longevity through durability versus short term disposable and replacement.  So you can feel you are doing your part for the environment.


Have you ever purchased based mainly on price alone – only for the products to under perform and then to purchase all over again one or two years later?  Buying on price alone is usually a false economy and quite frankly – cheap products look cheap.  Investing a little more in quality products simply makes good sense – so you save money in the long run.


Under reasonable conditions of usage and maintenance, all OHMM® woven products are covered by OHMM® Warranty against defective materials or workmanship.  We give a 5 year warranty for residential applications and a 3 year warranty on commercial applications.  Excludes cushions and glass.  So you have peace of mind with your purchase.


Prestigious establishments have selected OHMM® products around the world – including embassies, consulates, 5 star hotels and resorts, restaurants, marinas, commercial companies, recreational clubs, fitness clubs, hospitals, art galleries, cruise lines and private individuals.  It’s very rewarding that many of our clients are repeat customers – so there is no leap of faith with OHMM.

Need we say more?